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Thinking of operating your own mobile food truck / catering unit? We can help. We have many years of experience in both designing and building customized catering Units.

Duffer’s Chip Wagon was founded in 1978, by Jean Leroux, in Tweed, Ontario, Canada. Initially, the company served as a Food Catering business. Its first exposure to the Fabricating  business, was the manufacture of a mobile food catering truck in 1980. During this time Duffer’s was able to establish a long-lasting relationship with it’s customers and business surroundings.

As Duffer’s reputation for innovation and quality grew, Customers began approaching the company with new concepts. One was the manufacturing of trucks and trailers for different type of catering needs. The development of the mobile catering units established Duffer’s as a fabricator of light-duty truck and trailer market in Ontario.

Since that time Duffer’s has used its skilled workforce and innovation, to establish high quality catering units. All units meet Health and Safety Requirements, Fire, TSSA, Electrical safety authority standards, which provide our customers with a safe and qualified catering units.

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